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Fontaine Nekton is the eldest child of the Nekton Family. She is 15 years old and 149 cm (4’10”) tall.

Following in the footsteps of her mother and father, Fontaine is already a fantastic Aquanaut. A naturally gifted navigator, she is an invaluable member of the team as much for her skills as her outlook.

Like her mother, and completely opposite to her brother, Fontaine analyses situations before diving in. Amidst all the excitement and enthusiasm, sometimes her more considerate nature makes her the only sane voice on board the Aronaxx.


Fontaine Nekton (from graphic novel)

In the animated series, she has an unwanted love-interest; the sea pirate Smilling Finn.

Fontaine Nekton is voiced by Ashleigh Ball in the animated series.


Fontaine is always skeptic on most situations believing there to always be a rational explanation.


Fontaine has a hard time getting along with her brother Ant because of his supernatural theories but when the going gets tough they do work well together in paralyzing situations.

Fontaine's love interest Finn makes her embarrassed in front of others (especially Ant) despite her lack of trust for Finn she does understand he sometimes doesn't want to be a pirate at all.

Fontaine's relationship with her mother is very strong. Fontaine has gotten most of her personality from her mother like her stubborness. They both have a passion to learn about the sea and go on adventures.

Fontaine's realationship with her father is not as strong as her mother, but its strong. They are both incredibly smart, and have a vast knowlage of the underwater world.

Fontaine's relationship with Jeffery, isn't very good. She doesn't like the fish, but she is thankful for all the times that he saved her, even though Ant stole her skateboard wheels for the Jeffery Knight.


Fontaine Nekton Gallery


  • It is revealed that Fontaine can play many instruments, with her favorite being the guitar
  • In the promos for the show, it is said that Fontaine has many "land-friends", and that she loves to get away from her family hang out with them
  • Jess Gorman is her best friend
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