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Ant's catchphrase

Antaeus "Ant" Nekton is the youngest child of the Nekton Family. He is 12 years old and is 134cm (4’4”) tall.

Ant has grown up surrounded by adventure and at no point has he realized his life is far from the norm.

Growing up as an aquanaut, Ant shows almost no fear or trepidation when trying something new or potentially dangerous.

He is quick to step inside the ‘White Knight’ and go exploring by himself whenever he can, and his parent’s love of all things to do with the ocean is magnified in him. His excitement sometimes can’t be contained.


Antaeus "Ant" Nekton (from graphic novel)

A gifted child, Ant is already surprising his family with his intellect and is constantly experimenting and inventing.



Ant believes in many mythical, paranormal, and superstitious topics such as Aliens, Ghosts, and Mermaids, he is always eager to get out and explore wherever and whenever he can.



Ant's relationship with his sister Fontaine is a bit iffy given that she's more skeptical and rational then he is but they both work well together when they need to.

Ant's mom Kaiko is often concerned with Ant's eagerness as it can get Ant in trouble but she does admire Ant's creativity in paralyse situation.

Ant's dad Will does share some of Ant's enthusiasm and belief in mysterious topics, but not as much, Will often teaches Ant new things.

Ant gets along well with his fish Jeffrey and often brings him out on missions despite some ineffectiveness remarks from Fontaine, but Jeffery does end up being a big help sometimes.

Ant has a habit of making fun of the pirate Mad Madeline because he thinks she's bad at being a pirate.


Since the beginning of the Animated Series, Antaeus Nekton is voiced by Vincent Tong.

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